Curriculum Vitae

Xuehui Wang

Phone: (+86)178-2070-0935


Address: School of Data and Computer Science, Sun Yat-sen University, China



  • Shandong University

    Sep. 2014 - July. 2018

    B.S. in Electronic Information Science and Technology

    • GPA: 3.58/4.0 Ranking: 6/94
    • Shandong University, SmartCar Lab
  • Sun Yat-sen University

    Sep. 2018 - July. 2020

    Master student in Computer Science (General)

    • Advisor: Long Chen


  • Computer Vision

  • Deep Learning

  • Autonomous Vehicle Perception System


  1. Xuehui Wang, Lei Fan, Peiyu Wang, and Long Chen. “SemaSuperpixel: A Multi-channel Probability-driven Superpixel Segmentation Method’’ IJCAI 2019, (Under Review).

    We propose a multi-channel probability-driven superpixel segmentation method which introduces multi-channel semantic probabilities into an energy-based method. Extensive experimental evaluations show that our method achieves a leading segmentation quality and convergence speed.

  2. Long Chen, Xuehui Wang, Lei Fan, Wei Tian, Dongpu Cao, Lingxi Li. “Semantic-Supervised
    Road Detection using Planecell” IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Vehicle, (Under Review).

    We obtain the road area in 3D space using a new representation method: Planecell. We achieve both an increased accuracy and a higher efficiency in presenting the large-scale urban environment.


  1. Vision-based Robot Environment Modeling and Location Navigation, National Key Research and Development Program of China

    • July. 2019 -

    • Responsible for the research of the mutual promotion mechanism between the semantic comprehension and the mapping.

    • Supervised by Long Chen

  2. Home Automation System, National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    • May. 2016 - Oct. 2017

    • A simulation for home automation based on Zigbee and 4G. Respinsible for the program design, network construction, data processing.

    • Project leader (Supervised by Likai Liang)

  3. The Design and Development of the Smart Car Based on Beacon Identification.

    • Oct. 2016 - July. 2017

    • Responsible for the design of the algorithm which can help the smart car find and run to the beacon. We treat the eagle camera as the perception device and the K60 made by NXP as the Central Processing Unit.

    • Project leader

  4. A Contral System for Ball Based on Machine Vision.

    • July. 2017

    • The goal of the system is to make the ball slide between two random points and turn around on the smooth board as required. We calculate the position and the speed of the ball based on machine vision technology.

    • Project leader

  5. A Web Crawler System Based on Python

    • Sep. 2016 - May. 2017

    • Project leader (Supervised by Dongliang Xu)


  • 1.National Encouragement Scholarship. (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • 2.Chinese University Students’ Star of Self-improvement. (Nomination Award)
  • 3.The NXP cup National University Students Intelligent Car Race. (National Award for the second prize)
  • 4.Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling. (Honorable Mention)
  • 5.China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling. (First Prize in Shandong Contest District)
  • 6.National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest. (First Prize in Shandong Contest District, Recommended National Award)
  • 7.National College Competition on Internet of Things. (Second Prize in East China region)
  • 8.The First Science Technology Innovation of Shandong College Students. (Second Prize)
  • 9.Person of the Year in Shandong University. (2017)
  • 10.Outstanding Graduates in Shandong Province. (2018)
  • 11.Excellent Student Cadre in Shandong Province. (2018)
  • 12.Merit Student in Shandong University.
  • 13.The First Prize Scholarship in Shandong University.


  • SmartCar Lab, Shandong University.

    • Mar. 2015 - June. 2018
    • Core Member.
    • Study and design the vision algorithm which can help the smart car finish different tasks.
  • The Electronic Class one, Shandong University.

    • Sep. 2014 - June. 2018
    • Monitor.
    • Lead the class to become the best class in Shandong University even Shandong Province.


  • Skills: C++, Python, Pytorch, Web, Camera
  • Self-appraisal: Positive and Optimistic, Interested in academic research